Do you want a unique customized sex doll?  You are at the right place to custom sex dolls. We provide two methods for custom sex dolls:

1/ Head-to-toe fully customise a sex doll

You can custom a sex doll from head to toe via our this page

2/ Choose an existing model and custom breast size, hair style, etc.

Firstly, choose the head please. There are more than 200 heads available, the followings are only parts of our sex dolls’ head. For more head pictures please feel free to contact us via email.

Then, choose the body. Please see the following height picture. There is a part of the height picture. You can choose the height from 65cm to 170cm, the cup from A to E cup.

The next, please refer to the following pictures to choose the eye color and skin color for your sex doll.

Of course, wig is also very important, it can make your sex doll have different style, meet your various needs. Please choose the wigs according to your preference.

Last but not the least, choose the build-in or insert, none and stand function for your sex doll.