Mini Sex Doll

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Mini sex dolls are very similar to their larger sex doll counterparts. In a world where you can order a custom sex doll to the exact specifications you want, you might wonder what the point of a mini sex doll is. They are usually made of either a TPE or silicone blend and designed to be as realistic as possible with very lifelike feeling orifices. The big difference is simply the size! A mini sex doll will usually be a meter or less in height. Their bodies are still surprisingly realistic, and the manufacturers do a great job of scaling everything down, but still keeping it in proportion. The reasons people buy a mini sex doll are identical to those who buy a full-sized sex doll. You might be currently single and looking for a little extra excitement over your traditional masturbation. Or maybe you’re in a relationship and you want to experiment with adding another person to the bedroom. There are many different reasons out there and many of them unique to each individual and situation. But why a mini sex doll? Well, unsurprisingly, it’s due to the size! Mini sex dolls are much, much easier to move around and store conveniently. So, if you’re tight on space, or simply looking for a travel-sized sex doll, then a mini-doll is perfect. They are much lighter too, so put a lot less strain on your body when trying to move them from place to place. Place your doll in multiple positions and angles that you may fancy and throw her around to your pleasure.