Torso Sex Doll

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Make your fantasies alive with these torso sex dolls that consist of upper body features alone. Do you love the female upper body? Looking for a light doll that you can carry with ease? A light doll? Is everything worth your pocket? This is the right doll for you. At first touch, you will notice that they are highly realistic and great attention to detail goes into making each doll. Even their nipples and areolas have the little creases and bumps that you have on a real breast. The upper body comes out as the sexiest part of a female with beautiful features such as perky breasts, cherry nipples, luscious lips, and beautiful eyes. With these dolls you don’t have to get the full-body package but the torso part that you fantasy. They have an inbuilt metallic skeleton that set them apart from their counterparts. This metallic frame helps to keep the dolls sturdy and helps to maintain their posture as well. Discover these sex dolls that come with tight human, vaginal and oral capabilities and anal for a tighter feel that will achieve magical bliss. The dolls come with smooth human-like silicone skin. This is the perfect doll for you as it is light to carry around, with the chance to place your doll in multiple positions and angles to your fancy. Tweak your torso doll to your liking from short to tall, big breasts to the flat chest and a beautiful face with luscious lips and beautiful eyes that scream of daring sexual pleasure. Not forgetting the different types of hairdos whether you like it long or short, blonde or brunette. Wrap your hands around the doll’s perfect waist as you achieve magical bliss. They come in any gender that you would like. Grab one for yourself today.